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Boracay is a tropical island paradise famous for its white sand, blue-green waters, serene beach and night life.  Interestingly, the place is also very convenient -- with dozens of hotels, shops, night clubs and a market.  It also only an hour by plane from Manila and four hours by car from Iloilo City.
Things to do in Boracay
  • By all means, enjoy the beach. Swim, snorkel, stroll barefoot along the shore, work on your tan.
  • Take a boat tour along the surrounding islands, including Puka Beach rich in shells, Baling Hai Beach with its famous clifftop restaurant, and the Bat Cave.
  • Rent gear and go kiteboarding or skimboarding.  Rent a motorboat or a jet ski and ride the waves.
  • Learn to scuba dive or wind surf.  There are small establishments that offer lessons.
  • Hire a motorbike or scooter to go around the island.  Explore the local neighborhood behind the beach front.  For the more affordable alternative, ride the local tricycle.
  • Horse riding; wall climbing; volleyball; tennis.
  • Get a massage!
  • Enjoy the myriad of restaurants offering all kinds of international cuisine.  And never miss the seafood buffet dinners they offer.
  • Hit the night clubs
sand castle night scene
How to Get There

Ferries to the island depart from Caticlan. You can reach Caticlan either by plane or by land.

By plane.  Many flights from around the country fly to Kalibo Airport, the larger airport 90 minutes away. But flights from Manila can take you directly to Caticlan, the local airport.

By land.  Caticlan is a 4-5 hour drive from Iloilo City.  Many locals prefer to take the Ceres Liner, a bus that leaves Iloilo several times a day, with Caticlan as its final destination.

Where to Stay
(Understanding the Stations)

Boracay is divided into stations.  Before booking a hotel, understand where it is located.  The rule of thumb is:  the higher the station, the more populated (and affordable) the place should be.  Hotels closer to the beach front are also generally more expensive.
  • Station 1:  Most secluded and expensive.  Cleaner beach.  Whitest sand.
  • Station 2:  Best for night life
  • Station 3:  Post populated.  Least expensive.
What to Bring

Cash!  ATMs are limited, so cash and travelers checks work best.  Other than that, you can buy almost everything on the island -- food, clothes, groceries, cell phones, souvenirs.
 Enjoy your stay at Boracay!

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