Iloilo City is one of the most accessible cities in the country. From Manila, Iloilo City is only 45 minutes by plane and 18 hours by the fastest ship. From Cebu, it is only 25 minutes by plane.

Iloilo City, determined to recapture its crown as the "Queen City of the South," continue to stride towards revitalizing socio-economic growth. The coming in of multi-million investments and the rise in private building construction and emergence of new industries give a beam to its business atmosphere.

Things to do in Iloilo

  • Enjoy the Festivals! Iloilo is known for the Dinagyang, Kasadyahan, Paraw Regatta and Candelaria. Join the locals and experience first-hand the hospitality and culture that's truly unique to Ilonggos.
  • Visit Old Churches. A Christian city for centuries, beautiful churches adorn almost every district of the city. We have the 18th-century Miagao Church, the Gothic-Renaissance Molo Church, and the Baroque-Gothic Jaro Church among the most popular ones.
  • Visit Museums & Old Houses. A favorite destination is Museo de Iloilo, a repository of Iloilo's finest cultural heritage and artwork. For classic houses and architectural designs, we have the Montinola, Ledesma, Avanceņa and Bayani mansions around the city.
  • Shop! Many may not know it, but Iloilo City is a prime target for shoppers from nearby towns, especially during mall-wide midnight sales that come around every few months. Iloilo's popular for its malls: SM City, Robinson's, Gaisano, MaryMart and The Atrium.
  • Get Active. Play golf in Santa Barbara. Take a trip to the island of Guimaras. Explore Boracay. Go Hiking. Caving. Sailing. Snorkling. There are numerous places around the city where families and friends can enjoy the outdoors. Ask your front desk for suggestions!
  • Food, Glorious Food! Treat yourself to sumptuous Ilonggo dishes. Visit Villa and try our popular Tatoy's Manokan and Breakthrough. Or get a taste of Ted's Lapaz Batchoy. Need pasalubong (gift items)? No one leaves Iloilo without biscocho, barquillos, pinasugbo, galletas or baņadas.

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