Miag-ao Church

Miag-ao Church

The Miag-ao Church is one of the Philippines' architectural and religious gems.  It is 40km soutwest of Iloilo City and can be easily reached by jeepneys within 45 minutes.

About the Miag-ao Church

  • Declared as one of the four "Baroque Churches of the Philippines" in 1993 by UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The Miag-ao Church was built in 1786 by Spanish
    Augustinian missionaries
  • It was built to defend the town of Miag-ao against raids by the Moros, attributing to its thick walls and reported secret passages.  This is why it is also referred to as Miag-ao Fortress Church
  • Two watchtower belfries flank the front facade.  A close look would reveal a unique blending of Spanish and native influences. 
  • The adobe used in building the church is made from silt and clay that can only be found in this part of Iloilo, giving the building a unique warm-yellowish glow.
  • The central feature of the Aztec-like bas-relief facade is a large coconut tree.  According to an old legend, the coconut tree was the only bequest from a lovoing mother to her two children, and it sustained them for life.  It also appears as the tree of life, to which St. Christopher carrying the Child Jesus is clinging to.
  • Other lesser facades feature locals in their daily lives, along with  native clothes, flora and fauna.
  • The church has a very simple interior, highlighted by a gold-plated retablo.
Miag-ao Church altar

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