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       Welcome to our Madness...                                    ABOUT US

Confused?  Not know us enough?  Wondering who this so-called Parvae Lucies Domini are?... and why they suddenly decided to expose themselves to the world?

Class of 2001

We are the millennium batch of nursing graduates from St. Paul College of Iloilo (SPCI), an institution in the humble province of Iloilo, Philippines.  SPCI offers various courses, a specialty of which is Nursing.  After four years of education and training, we finally graduated on March 17, 2001.

Humble Beginnings
We were not a huge class to begin with.  The international market for nurses closed a few years back, thus the decline of nursing student entrants. 


We entered SPCI on June 1997 with the original number of 56. As the semesters and lessons went by, the number decreased, ending up with the final 24.  Some shifted to other courses, some lagged behind, many transferred schools.  But despite these changes, they are still part of us in spirit, if not technically. 

Though some of us entered Nursing because it was a childhood dream, we admit, with all humility, that most of us entered because we were forced by either sibling, parent, or grandparent, or thought the course was our ticket abroad.  But if it isn't too corny, it should be added that the vocation developed as we grew into the course, and that it wasn't realized until it was started.

Through the Years...
Like every other nursing student, we went through the entire training program:


started hospital affiliation during the 2nd year, 2nd sem; underwent physical assessment 3x; went on duty at St. Paul's Hospital and West Visayas Medical Center (2nd year: Mama, SHU, SHA, 3rd Floor, OB Ward, DR; 3rd year: Side IV, Ortho Ward, OR; 4th year: MICU, NICU, ER, Pedia) with Psychiatric Exposure at Pototan Mental Hospital and Community Immersion at Barangay Guinobatan, Leganes.

We had our Capping on July 1999; there were 29 of us.   We were 23 when we reached 4th year, but Richie Aparri joined us to complete the 24.

The Future
(Written 3 years later) Well, the future has been fairly good to our dear class.  Some of us are already in the US but most are still processing their papers.  A few have gotten married; we have a couple of "hinablos."  Life continues to be sweet and promising.

     Distinguish Us from the Rest...





Site FAQ

Why the name Parvae Lucies Domini?

Parvae Lucies Domini (PLD) is literally translated as Little Lights of the Lord.  'Little' because, at 24, we are about the smallest batch in a few decades, and 'Light' because we equate ourselves to such divine brightness.   Our motto: There are 2 ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it - Edith Wharton.  This name was officially adapted after our Capping and Candlelight Ceremony in 1999.  Our feast day is on the Pentecost, and our batch is marked by the colors dark blue and gold.  People fondly call us PLD or Parvae.

Unique Characteristics

Gay language very common
Playful and loud
Often forget to greet and say thank you
Hambog kuno (working on it)
Always using Strategies in Health Education
Terrible singers


PLD Achievements

North Diversion Road
Powerpoint and puppet-making pioneers
Revived Initiation tradition
CALTEX, grand case presentation

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