Thank you very much for supporting the PLD.  The results of the Board Exam shall be released sometime between December 7 to 12.


The Board Exam was very, very difficult, and please do not take this as some sort of exaggeration.   There were very few repeat questions from previous exams (only around 20 out of 500 items) and most of them were either rephrased or the options changed. 


Tears... absolute buckets of tears.  Many of us cried before, during, immediately after the exams, and upon knowing the answers.  Some of us are still crying.  The worst frustration was discovering that (close to) none of what we studied came out.  Many of us felt crushed, helpless.  Still, we continue to pray, think positive and hope for nothing but the best.  At this point, it is mainly with God (plus the thought that we've done all we can) that we find consolation.  Please continue to pray for us.  This is a test of faith.  We are trying hard to stay strong by holding on to each other.


A little piece of advice: study the new yellow/blue book by Maglaya (the newest version).  Memorize it!   A few thousand questions came out word for word.  Thinking about them alone exhausts us.  There were a lot of Psych, Communicable Disease, Jurisprudence/Management questions.  The Medical-Surgical topics included HTLV, rheumatic fever and other less common diseases.  NGD, especially age-appropriate toys!


We received overwhelming support from the faculty, the sisters, our parents and our younger brothers & sisters from all year levels.  Thank you very much for loving us, believing in us, encouraging us, consoling us.  And though we're aware of expectations, we only hope to deliver what we deserve.  We are incredibly anxious of the results.  All things done and beyond worldly control, we are ever in need of your continued prayers

It's over!  A breath of relief... but one that seems to have stagnated on inspiration.  Till the results...

Much love, PLD


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