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It was a MIRACLE; nothing less.  As one of us said: "Now I'm sure there is a God."   Never have we experienced His spirit more concretely. 

The exam we took was a definite shrinker, an unexpected esteem-crusher that squeezed every bit of life out of us.   Sometimes you wonder why you studied in the first place.  After the test our spirits were so low.  It kept sinking with every confirmed answer, for most of them were different from ours.  Just to make us feel better, we joked about how our guardian angels would work overtime to change our answers... how they'd take a new answer sheet because ours were so messed up.  Magical, we know, like some innocent fairy tale, but we believe it happened somehow.  Because we all passed.  Everyone, including our Dumaguete companions, passed.  So many garnered top places.  To think it was all our own doing is foolish.  God works wonders.  He granted us more than we prayed for... proof of His unconditional love for us.  That is why we have to BELIEVE beyond doubt, beyond reason, that He is there, that He listens, and that He answers our prayers.  We know that ultimately it was our faith in Him that made us deliver.

PLD wishes to thank everyone for their unwavering support.  Once we were really scared of expectations, but now we know it's what pushed us to go that extra mile.  The power of thought is strong.  AS YOU THINK, SO IT IS.  As you believe, so it will be.  Many times our faith has been tested; many times we doubted ourselves, blamed others, questioned God.  Perhaps it's a normal reaction for anyone under pressure, but with your help, dear reader, we had the strength to overcome everything that was negative and worldly.  Whether it was in form of prayer, a visit, an encouraging text, a poster, a card or even just a positive thought, we thank you for your support.   In this light, we thank God for the humility to admit that WE DID NOT DO THIS ALONE.  Don't ever think your effort was too futile to contribute to our success.  For this and for everything else we are immensely grateful.   Through this experience, not only did we rediscover God, but also realize how blessed we are with people who genuinely cared.

That's it!  We hurdled the final challenge of student life.  Now it's time to step out of rehearsals and do what we were trained to do.  We can only pray that God crowns our efforts in the same way He did in this beautiful and blissful experience.

Much love, PLD
December 8, 2001


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