This site and all its content are property of the Parvae Lucies Domini 2001 of St. Paul College of Iloilo (now St. Paul University Iloilo), Nursing Department.   Parvae members, you are free to do whatever you wish with the site content.

To the rest:

As webmaster (savvy title!), I would like to point out that all material found in this site belong to us, with due respect to the time and effort our members have spent creating the graphics, researching and designing.  Those who copy these works shall answer to criminal liabilities in the grounds of robbery!!!

Ok, the truth is you can download pictures, wallpapers and graphics you like as long as it's for private use! :-) (future tributes, reunion preparations, reminiscing, welcome!) Heck, it's flattering that you'd bother downloading the stuff in the first place!  Just don't put them up in any other site and claim them as your own.  Other than that, you can copy the HTML, store the images, use the text for some project, print them out, stick them on your walls...whatever...!  Glad to be of help to anyone who needs it.

Now, a few restrictions: Our Grand Case Presentation (CALTEX) has almost all its presentations stored in our Downloads section.  We also have other nursing notes and compilations posted. We humbly request that you ask permission by sending us an email before using them.  Thank you!

Again, thanks for reading this section.  Not everyone fancies feasting their eyes on a bunch of restrictions.


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