Frequently Asked Questions

What move are we talking about?
We've moved several times.  This section will discuss all of them, but will naturally focus on the most recent (and applicable) one.  Trace the site's history:
(1) Freespeech - March 11, 2001
(2) Sinfree/Geocities
(3) ann2.com/pld
(hosted by FreehostingWeb) - March 11, 2002
(4) ann2.com/pld (hosted by WorldWebHosters) - August 21, 2002
(5) ann2.net/pld (still hosted by WorldWebHosters) - January 2003

(6) ann2.net/pld (hosted by CirtexHosting) - January 2006

We are currently hosted by CirtexHosting.

What is our URL?
Still http://www.ann2.net/pld but you may access it through pld.rules.it

Can I access the site without the www?
Yes, ann2.net/pld will take you there

What's this propagation period you're talking about?
Propagation period means 'adjustment period', which takes around 2-3 days but may last up to 2 weeks.  It happens with every new domain or every new host.  All servers around the globe have to 'get to know' www.ann2.net's host .  Because of this, there may be a few inconsistencies.  One person may be able to access the domain while the other can't.  Patience, dear reader, patience...

Why do we keep on moving?
We're nomads.  keep that in mind :-)  Truth is, there's much to consider in web hosting.  After 3 years in WorldWebHosters, their support system has gone down the drain. All our questions have not been answered. The control panel has been dysfunctional for years... and worst of all, they charged my account double the yearly price. And since I can't contact them (no email replies, no phone #, no address), I couldn't get a refund. Right now, we're hosted on CirtexHosting. Hope this one lasts longer. So far, the site features are wonderful and the support quite good.

Did our forums move, too?
Yes!  We've moved the forums to the new host. Your member login info should remain the same. If you have problems, send me an email at anniputski@yahoo.com

What about our Photo Galleries?
Along with the launch of our new host, our photo galleries have permanently upgraded as well and runs on Coppermine scripts. You can access it here. It has tons of new features including the ability to upload your own pictures, store them in user folders, vote, search, etc. Register for the galleries to gain full access. Email me for problems

What features come with this new domain?
500mb of web space, 5gb of bandwidth, PHP, Perl, mySQL, CGI-BIN and new pre-installed scripts that I'll play around with as time allows.  Who knows? We might be able to launch a blog section soon!

Can I get my own email address?
Yes!  We have enough space for POP3 emails in the form of yourname@ann2.net for everyone!  You'll need to configure your email program with our incoming mail server, username and password; you'll have to use your ISP's outgoing server.  Request an email address sending me mail at anniputski@yahoo.com and I'll set it up and send you the necessary instructions.

So how much did this new host cost?
$10 more than the old one per year. I accept donations (kidding)...

I still have questions.  Where do I get more information?
Send me email at anniputski@yahoo.com or fill up the Feedback Form and I'll try my best to answer.  Likewise, suggestions, corrections and complaints are encouraged. 


More relevant information can be found at our Site FAQ section.
For a summary of our resources, registrar & host, visit our Copyright Section

Thanks for reading.   Enjoy our site!


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