Dear reader, thank you very for your prayers.  Everyone in our class passed the board exams!  Click here to read our message after the exams.  Please continue praying for our manghods in St Paul, and for our CGFNS & NCLEX exams.  Thank you!


O Sanctifier of my soul, the spirit of love and truth, I adore You and thank You as the dispenser of all Heavenly favors, and I invoke You as the source of that light and strengh without which I cannot know what is good nor be able to practice it.  Enlighten my understanding, fortify my will, purify my heart, regulate my actions and make me attentive to Your inspirations.  Pardon me, O Spirit of love and mercy, pardon me for my constant infidelities and insensibilities of which I have resisted the most touching impulses of Your grace.  I am at length resolved to be no longer rebellious to it but to obey it with docility, that I may taste the fruits and enjoy those beatitudes which Your sacred gifts can produce in my soul.  AMEN.


O Miraculous Infant Jesus, we beseech Thee to cast a merciful look on our troubled hearts.  Set Thy tender heart inclined to pity, be softened by our prayers and grant us the grace that we ardently impore that 100% passing in the Nurses' Licensure Examination of the Christi Angelus Mariae 2001.  Take from us the affliction, despair, trials and misfortune and  send us consolation and aid for the sake of the Sacred Infancy.  Hear our prayers that we may praise Thee with the Father and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.  AMEN.


O great St. Joseph of Cupertino, who while on earth obtained from God the grace to be asked in the exams only the questions you know, obtain a similar favor for the Christi Angelus Mariae Nurses' Licensure Examination they are preparing to take.  In return, we promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked.  AMEN.

St. Joseph of Cupertino, pray for us. (3x)


Holy St. Joseph, spouse of Mary, be mindful of us, pray for us, watch over us.  Guardian of the Paradise of the New Adam, provide for our temporal wants that the Christi Angelus Mariae make a 100% passing in the coming Nurses' Licensure Examination.

Faithful guardian of the most precious of all treasures, we beseech you to bring this matter to a happy end if it be for the greater glory of God and the good of our souls.

O glorious St. Joseph, for the love and glory of Jesus and Mary, come to our assistance. (7x)


Remember, O most loving and glorious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to Thy protection, implored Thy help, and sought Thy intercession was left unaided.

Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto Thee, O Virgin of virgins my Mother, to Thee I come, before Thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful.

O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petition but graciously hear and grant my prayer.  AMEN.

* Three Hail Marys *

Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix of all Graces.  Pray for Us.

Let us pray.

O Lord Jesus Christ, Our Mediator with the Father, who has appointed the most Blessed Virgin, Your Mother, to be our Mother also and our Mediatrix before You; grant that whoever draws near You to beseech any benefit, may rejoice to receive all things through her,  who lives and reigns with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.  AMEN.

  There's more... oh please continue!
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Thank you very much for your prayers and support.  May God return your favors a thousandfold.  This page was designed in such a manner that it may easily be printed - and therefore prayed daily.  Should we do well in the Board Exams, you are guarateed an invitation for lunch :-)

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