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delivered by Gigi
Graduation, March 17, 2001
written by Gigi

To our honorable guest speaker, Dr. Joanna B. Cuenca, Commission on Higher Education – Region VI director, our school director, Sr. Ma. Felicina Gubuan, SPC and the sisters, members the Board of Trustees and Administration, members of the faculty, our beloved parents, friends, guests, fellow graduates, good afternoon.

It was not so long ago when our journey began. For most of us, we entered SPCI with nothing more than a dream, and today, March 17, 2001, together we stand as survivors armed with knowledge, skills and values to bring this dream closer to reality.

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delivered by Gladyce
Tribute, March 9, 2001
formulated by Ronald
written by the kapid

Hi. My full name is Gladyce Marie Esmilla-Peterson. They call me Mommy. It’s been 20 years. My convalescent home in San Francisco didn’t turn out so well, so I was lost for a few years. But I had many offers…. Christy Resultay has asked me to cover for her as ER nurse in Hawaii while she goes part time as computer analyst. Richie Aparri said he and his partner Meroy needed a third member for their growing empanara business in Leganes. Ms. De Asis even called me up to take over as dorm matron! But I couldn’t leave my boys…I’ve got 3. But then came the magic words: my uncle called and told me that if I came home, they’d make me queen of Igbaras. And then that’s it, girlfriend!

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First Sung: Capping and Candlelight Ceremony
Date: July 1999
Composed by: (we know who :-)
Accompaniment by: Diane Limbaga

Lead a life worthy
of the vocation
to which we are called
Treading upon uncertain grounds...

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Composed by: Gigi Go

Personalize your cellphones with a little PLD touch!  Requirement: a cellphone with Composer.  Simply copy the text and set the tempo.

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delivered by NDye
Capping Ceremony, July 1999
written by NDye

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it… this is our challenge. We shall make the choice.  Looking back, we should see the footprints we've made… each of it must strike our hearts… each of it should make us recall the path we went through to get us here. We must also recall those moments that made us stronger… those things… those persons.

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delivered by Ann-Ann
Capping Ceremony, July 1999
written by the kapid

No less than a wide glittering pond, a single dewdrop is large enough to reflect the sunshine. We are a batch of twenty-nine. In the long parade of yearly capped Paulinian nurses, we are the fewest. Few, yet vast in aspirations, coupled with overflowing hearts and unparalleled commitment, we hope to prove that these magnified qualities exist beyond the value of number.

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delivered by Mery
Capping Ceremony, July 1999
written by the kapid

How the wheels of time have turned; how the days of preparation have flown. Dear friends, it has been a couple years ago when each of us had a vision, and exactly 25 months ago when each determined soul made this first rightful step into the splendrous, selfless world of the Nursing vocation. It only seemed like yesterday when we talked about how each beat of a second felt endless, yet with just a single brush of wind, we have arrived to our once deemed unreachable level.

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