Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers frequently asked questions about the PLD site, forums and related technicalities.   If you intend to learn more about the PLD, kindly refer to the About Us section

Who owns this site?
Every member of the Parvae Lucies Domini 2001 (Nursing Batch 2001 of St. Paul College of Iloilo).  This site has no affiliation with any other congregation or organization.

What is its mission?
To keep the PLD in touch with each other and with friends

When was it launched?
March 11, 2001 - six days prior to our graduation

What is the site's URL?
You can access the PLD website through:

Please take not of the .NET domain.  It used to be .com.  Hopefully the site maintains this address indefinitely.  You can also use URL redirection to access the site.

What is URL redirection?
URL redirection means substituting the long URL (http://www.ann2.net/pld) with a shorter URL (http://pld.rules.it), which in turn redirects it.  Therefore, there's no need to memorize.  For our site, the following shortcuts lead to:

pld.rules.it            http://www.ann2.net/pld
pld.says.it          http://www.ann2.net/pld/forums (Forums)

What on earth happened to the Geocities site, the Freespeech site, the Freedom2Surf forums, etc. etc.?
Those crappy, conniving scums!  They once offered free hosting, let you taste its benefits and then withdraw the spoon from your open mouth.  Yes, they leave you hanging!  I'm tired of moving... it's exhausting.  They are the reason why I finally paid for my own domain.  And guess what?!  It's worth it!  The Freespeech and Freedom2Surf forums are nonexistent.  The Geocities site shall stay but shall no longer be updated.  Since March 11, 2002, we have permanently moved to http://www.ann2.net/pld

Who can view this site or post in the Forums?
PLD members, friends, relatives, anyone related to St. Paul.  In short, everyone.   We encourage people to come and join our online community, especially in the message boards.  Please don't be shy.  We'd love to hear from you.

How often is this site updated?
As often as I can - around 2-3x/week, depending on the bulk of news, pictures and work

How do I contribute pictures and articles?
Send email to anniputski@yahoo.com or send snail mail to:
     Ann-Ann Go
     1928 Calle Dulce
     Glendale, CA 91208

May I save or copy anything from the site?
PLD members may take anything from the site.  For non-members, before you do, please ask permission.   For more details, read the Copyright Section

I want to know more details about our new domain and host. 
May I refer you to our About the Move section

I still have questions.  Where do I get more information??
Send me email at anniputski@yahoo.com or fill up the Feedback Form and I'll try my best to help you.  Likewise, suggestions, corrections and complaints are encouraged.  For questions related to our message boards, kindly click on the 'Help' link on top of the forum tables.

For a summary of our resources, registrar & host,
visit our Copyright Section 

Thank you for reading!  Enjoy our site!


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