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This page - everything in it - was lifted from the student handbook.

Patron: St. Paul
Founder: Pierre Louis Chauvet
Hospital Opened: 1911
School of Nursing Opened: 1946
School Seal: the crown of laurel and the lighted lamp
Colors: Green and Gold

Courses Offered
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
Certificate in Dietetic Technician
Center for Career Development

Core Values
Respect borne out of love for God, Person and Country
Serious pursuit of knowledge that is good, beautiful and true
The building of and service to community and the Paulinian Family



SPCI Vision
SPCI is an integral part of the Paulinian Educational System.  It is a tertiary level institution committed to the proclamation of Christ through a dynamic and wholistic formation of Christian Filipino Professional leaders who are responsive to the call of church and country.

SPCI Mission
To PROCLAIM the love of Christ to all especially the marginalized
To PROVIDE Christian-inculturated quality education that is maka-Diyos, maka-tao, maka-buhay, maka-bayan and maka-kalikasan
To PROMOTE Christian community experience permeated by the Paulinian spirit and spirituality within and among its members
To FOSTER a wholistic and dynamic human resource development program
To UNDERTAKE in the light of the Catholic faith social, scientific and technological research
To ensure the viability and sustainability of the institution



The BSN Program aims to develop...

Christian Nurses, who, by their very being and acting, like Paul and Mary, witness to a life anchored on the love of Chris: "Caritas Christi Urget Nos."

Total Persons, who, believing in their innate God-given dignity and worth, continuously strive to fully develop themselves in every way as they reach out in service, especially to the most deprived

Compassionate, competent care-givers, who are able to think creatively and critically in the application of the nursing process, as they deliver various levels of care involving clients across the life span at any given setting.

Self-Directed Filipinos, who take pride in their Filipino cultural heritage and national identity, and

Real Paulinians, who are aware and responsive to the times and are able to initiate and support innovative efforts contributory to national global concerns

BSN Standard

PAASCU accredited - Level 3
Center for Excellence
(2000) Top ranking school in the Nurses Licensure Examination

Program Offers

2-year AHSE program
Crash course for master's degree in Nursing
and others I most likely do not know


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