June 1997

56 New Freshmen enter St. Paul College of Iloilo


September 1998

Dennise joins the cast of Riddle of the Sphinx, a play directed by Sir. Joenar Pueblo.  Apple, Diane & Nikki were part of the crew.   Venue:  Marian Hall

??? 1998

Day Care for our lesson in NGD (Normal Growth & Development) under Ms. Magda Bayoneta
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??? 1998

Nurses' Week for SY 1998-1999.   Interpretative Dance & Folk Dance champions
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Sr. Rosamond caught us playing darts! ...blemishing the walls & skeleton closet


North Diversion Road.  The first performance of our famous class play directed by Sir Pueblo.  Venue: Marian Hall
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November 1998 Our Clinical Exposure started in SPH.  The areas included Mama, SHU, 3rd floor & the OB Ward


July 16-18, 1999 Retreat at Don Bosco
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July 23, 1999 Capping & Candlelight Ceremony.  The name Parvae Lucies Domini was born!  Number of students: 29.  Venue: SPH Chapel
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bluebullet2.GIF (93 bytes) Capping speeches & Class song


North Diversion Road (2nd Presentation) in conjunction with tha Alumni Homecoming.  Venue: Mere Anne Hall

September 15, 1999

1st Case Presentation.  Terrifying!   The titles included Mr. Bomb-blastic (case on schizophrenia, paranoid type) & Family 13+1 (Community group: family care plan)

February 6, 2000

2nd Case Presentation. Much better!   Titles included Neuro Kid with a Block (case on Non-communicating hydrocephalus) & Phantom of the Operation (case on compartment syndrome and amputation)

March 4, 2000

Racsos Field Trip & Igbaras Side Trip
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April 2000 Community Immersion (Batch 1) at Barangay Guinobatan, Leganes
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August 11-19, 2000 PLD sent 3 participants (Scylla, Gigi & Ann2) to the World Youth Day 2000 Celebration in Rome, Italy
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October 2000

Case Presentation.  Major Powerpoint breakthough!  Titles included CALTEX: Calcium, Terror in Excess (case on hypercalcemia), Sweet... Revenge (case on diabetic nephropathy), and The SCI Files (case on spinal cord injury)
October 24, 2000 Community Immersion (Batch 2) at Barangay Guinobatan, Leganes
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November 8, 2000 Grand Case Presentation: CALTEX.  Venue: SPH Large Conference Room
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bluebullet2.GIF (93 bytes) Powerpoint slides, booklet & flyer
November ??? 2000 World Youth Day Echo Celebration led by the PLD
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February 20-22, 2001 Retreat at Trappist, Guimaras
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March 2, 2001 Mr. Doromal's Birthday Party in his "punongan" in Lapaz
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March 11, 2001 PLD Website launched!  Initial content included only the index page and half of the PLD profiles
March 17, 2001 Finally!  Graduation / Ring & Pin Ceremony.  Total number of PLD graduates: 24
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April 19, 2001 4 Brave souls (Rachel, Diane, Gwyne & Richie) started their RCAP Review at West Visayas State University
May 21, 2001 RCAP Review officially ended
June 5, 2001 Balaan Bukid Pilgrimage
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June 10 & 12, 2001 June Board Exams. Venue: Iloilo National High School
June 21, 2001 Board Result was first released online.  100%
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June 22, 2001 June Board Result printed on newspapers
July 1, 2001 Manila Oathtaking Ceremony for June-takers.   Venue: Manila Midtown Hotel


June 17, 2001 Local Board review started in St. Paul.   Venue: Mere Anne Hall
September ??? 2001 RCAP review started in St. Paul
October ??? 2001 RCAP review officially ended
November 7, 2001 In-house review at Holy Rosary.  Boarded 5 days/week (Sunday afternoon - Friday afternoon)
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November 21-22, 2001 RCAP Pre-Board exam.  Excellent results for PLD
November 23, 2001 Visita Iglesia
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December 1 & 2, 2001 December Board Exams. Venue: Iloilo National High School
bluebullet2.GIF (93 bytes) Message after the Board Exams
December 3, 2001 In-house boarding at Holy Rosary officially ended.
December 6, 2001 11pm: The Board exam result was released online.  100%
bluebullet2.GIF (93 bytes) Registry of names as it appeared in the Manila Bulletin site 
bluebullet2.GIF (93 bytes) Words of thanks from the PLD
December 7, 2001 A Day of Exultation.  PLD members gathered for a 6am mass at St. Paul, breakfast at Chowking & another Visita Iglesia for thanksgiving
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December 16, 2001 Manila Oathtaking Ceremony.  Venue: Manila Midtown Hotel
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January 22, 2002 Iloilo Oathtaking Ceremony.  Venue: University of Iloilo
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HELP!!!  This timeline's a mess.   I can't rely on a single memory to remap our entire experience, so please help out.   Anyone kept a diary through these years?  Send any fact, any date, any event.   Help me replace those question marks.  You may do so by filling up the Feedback Form (ideal for web-based email hosts) or by sending mail to  I'm desperate!   Thank you very much!

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