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Scylla & Aimee resign from CPU

Bayot in Kuwait

  San Francisco, CA

New York

Scylla & Aimee have resigned from being CIs in CPU in preparation for their new life in the US The beautiful Rona Mae finally left for Kuwait last July 2006. Mommy Gladyce has been working in the Medical-Surgical floor for almost two years.  She loves it there.  She and Mrs. Buena-Torrea work in the same unit! Diane continues to work as a SICU nurse at Our Lady of Mercy.  She's doing extremely well

Rachel - Mommy and CI

SPU + Business + USA

Annapolis, Maryland

Dora in CA

Rachel is expecting her 2nd baby with Dr. Leonida. They already have a son named Linus Josef Abelarde Leonida (born September 30, 2004).  She also joined St. Paul's level 2 teaching team. The Kapid are juggling work at St. Paul with Sam's. To top it off, they're currently in California and working in downtown LA. Donna is enjoying her job at the telemetry unit in Annapolis... and enjoying her house, her car and her dog! Dora is currently living in Los Angeles. After San Francisco and Anaheim, she's still deciding where to settle.

Nang Elcie
Diabetes Clinic / DOTS

Jan - St. Luke's ICU Nurse!

Karleen, Cheryl, Christy
 Saudi Arabia

Baltimore, Maryland

After working at the Endoscopy & KSU, Nang Elcie is currently the nurse in charge of the Diabetes & DOTS (TB) clinics in SPH.. Jan Christine sure knows quality.  Latest news is that she's currently working in the ICU of St. Luke's Hospital in Manila.  She's having quite a time adjusting with the technology PLD conquers Saudi! Karleen (and recently) Cheryl & Christy have all left for Saudi Arabia.  It must be tough there; we send our well wishes Apple has finished off her contract with Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. She's planning to move to California at the end of the year (2006)

Mrs. Derequito

Nong Richie

Dennise in McAllen, Texas
Glenda married long-time sweetheart Jan2x. They welcomed their first child - daughter Tweety - last July. Expect the family come to the US soon. Richieboy currently works in a hospital in Chicago. He's finally brought his wife and daugther, Robyn, to Chicagoland. Dennise has started working in the OR of Rio Grande Hospital in McAllen, Texas. She also bought her first car!

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