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What are Cuban Shoes/Heels?
Cuban Shoes, often called cuban heels, are formal, heeled, closed shoes used at large in college with standard uniforms or for graduation. Most come in black or white. These shoes are also used for offices and other formal occasions. They're basic, and therefore, versatile!

Which schools use Cuban Shoes?
Central Philippine University (CPU), Iloilo Doctors College (IDC), University of San Agustin (USA) and majority of Iloilo universities use cuban shoes with their uniforms

Do you sell in bulk (wholesale)?
Yes. For years, we have been providing schools and offices with a wide assortment of shoes. Wholesale deals get huge discounts. For more information or special requests, contact us at (033) 335-0203. We take pride in honest deals and prompt service. Our customers' best interest is always priority.

SAM'S SHOES has the widest selection of CUBAN SHOES in the city. They come in a variety of designs, colors, heels and price range.

Do individual purchases get discounts too?
Certainly. Students enrolled in colleges may get
individual discounts. Just present your school ID
to the cashier upon purchase.

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